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К. Моне - 29.


Monet, Saint-Georges majeur au crépuscule | Monet art, Claude monet  paintings, Monet oil paintings

モネlog: ヴェネツィア(モネを魅了した「アドリア海の女王」) Ⅳ

Claude Monet, Palazzo da Mula, Venice, 1908 | (Inspirational  Cut Outs)

Teatro La Fenice on Twitter: "👨🏻🎨 Il #14Novembre 1840 nasceva a Parigi  #ClaudeMONET, capofila dell'impressionismo, padrone di innumerevoli  suggestioni. Buon COMPLEANNO!! 🎨 'PALAZZO CONTARINI' (1908) 🎨 #BOTD  #AccaddeOggi #HappyBDay… ...

The Palazzo Dario - Collections Online

Коллекция "Сотбис" - импрессионизм, неоимпрессионизм (228 работ) (2 часть)  » Картины, художники, фотографы на Nevsepic

inverno – C A N D I D O

Claude Monet (1840-1926) | Vue du village de Giverny | 19th Century,  Paintings | Christie's

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