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К. Моне - 3.

Claude Monet, The Path at La Cavee, Pourville, 1882 | Claude monet, Artist  monet, Monet

Floating a boat with Monet

Claude Monet (1840-1926) | L'Église de Varengeville, soleil couchant | late  19th Century, Paintings | Christie's

The Church at Varengeville, Claude Monet (1882) em 2020 | Claude monet,  Pinturas impressionistas, Monet

Masterpieces | Tutt'Art@

Hades Exuberante on Twitter: "#TalDíaComoHoy de 1840 nacía Claude Monet,  uno de los creadores del Impresionismo y uno de los pintores más  reconocidos de finales del Siglo XIX y principios del XX.

W 980 - Claude Monet: The Banks of the River Epte in Sprin… | Flickr

W 981 - Claude Monet: Willows in Springtime (1885) | Flickr

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